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The Vaccine Hoax is Over
by Andrew Baker
Please click on this link and watch another doctor waking up to the dangers of vaccines and exposing the real facts. Thank you Dr. Banks and all the others who are helping us be the voice for the voiceless. -- VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition)


How to Help Eliminate the Hidden Enemy that Triggers Autism

A new scientific review reveals there are a host of peer-reviewed,
published theories that show possible connections between vaccines
and autism. The author of the review, Helen Ratajczak, did something
that no one else has apparently bothered to do -- review the complete
body of published science since autism was first described in 1943.
The article found numerous documented causes of autism caused by
encephalitis following vaccination. Ratajczak goes on to discuss many
potential vaccine-related culprits, including the increasing number
of vaccines given in a short period of time.



Andreas Bachmair is a homeopath in Switzerland and is conducting a survey of the health of unvaccinated children right now.  He would appreciate it if you would participate in the survey, which you can find here:





9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims
http://preventdisea 09/102809_ 9_arguments_ to_win_any_ vaccine_debate. shtml


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